Dedication & Determination

Opening our Royal Palm Beach location in 2012,  Acreage Montessori Academy has blossomed
and built a reputation as an engaging and loving child
care center.  We believe that children need
encouragement, interaction, and engagement to become healthy adults. As part of Florida's VPK program, we offer free prekindergarten classes for four-year-olds, as well as offering other programs for children aged one to five and after school care with pick up services from local public elementary schools.  Breakfast & Hot Lunch Included!

For us, it is important that parents know our staff is
fully committed to the well-being of their children.
We love being able to provide the additional support
children need to develop curious minds and loving souls. We have an open-door policy regarding parents and children.

"Putting our son in Acreage Montessori Academy’s early
preschool day care program really has made a
difference. The instructors are incredible, the
facilities warm and inviting, and my son
has really blossomed."
Stephanie L.

Developing Curious Minds

What Parents Have to Say