vpk, child care Royal Palm Beach
childcare, daycare, vpk
childcare, daycare, royal palm beach
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childcare, daycare, vpk

Early Development & Care

At Acreage Montessori Academy in
Royal Palm Beach, our caregivers and
instructors provide a balanced daily curriculum that ensures cognitive and social development along with physical and creative learning.

Toddlers (1 to 2 Years)

 Our caregivers provide perfectly balanced care  for your baby. Mixing a warm home-like environment with plenty of attention, we make sure your child is happy and secure.

Preschoolers (3 to 5 Years Old)

Mixing hands on exploration and interaction, our professional
caregivers provide a balanced routine for your child. We love helping children become inquisitive and confident, and our daycare center is extremely popular as a result. 

It's Okay to Play in VPK!

After decades of research,  scientists have come to a clear conclusion: Play is the best way for our children to learn.

Our instructors provide as much personal attention as
possible while allowing your child the opportunity to discover things on their own.

Contact us at 561-784-0078